Suan Aahaan

Thai restaurant in Söderkulla, Sipoo

Our Address

Suan Aahaan
Amiraalintie 2
01150 Söderkulla
+358 (44) 241 6861

  • Real taste of Thailand

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Closed on monday  15.8.


Suan Aahaan is a Thai restaurant in Söderkulla, Sipoo. Our mission is to offer the tastiest dishes in the area, in a pleasant and memorable environment. 

We offer you a real Thai culinary experience - we pride ourselves with the quality of our dishes and the freshness of our ingredients. If you wish, you'll get your portion spiced up in real thai (hot!) style.

During weekdays at 11-14 we have a lunch buffet. Outside these hours you can order a dish of your choice from our À la Carte -menu. All the portions, including lunch, can be eaten in or taken away.

Food & Drink

Below are a few examples of our offerings. See also our full menu and the daily lunch menu, which are available in the page navigator



Kai Phad Med Ma Muang 🌶

One of our most popular dishes, fried chicken with cashew nuts, capsicum and onion.

13,00 ... 17,00€

Phad Ka Pao 🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶

For those of you who like it hot! Chicken, pork, beef, prawn or tofu spiced with chili and basil.

12,00 ... 16,00€

Phad Sen

Fried noodles with chicken, pork, prawn or tofu. Not spicy, and as is suitable for children (and available in smaller portion).

15,00 ... 17.50€

Kaeng Pha Naeng 🌶🌶

Pha Naeng curry (kind of red curry with coconut milk to soften the taste) with chicken pork, beef, prawn or tofu.

See full menu



Asio Otus Bianco

Medium dry, mildly acidic and fruity white wine which's sweetness softens even the most spicy dishes. 12cl, 12.5%



Well balanced and rich lager, excellent companion to spicy Thai food. 32cl, 5%



Finnish long time favorite. Available as draft beer. Perfect for hot summer day. 40cl, 4.6%

See full menu

Our team



Restaurant manager

The soul of our restaurant. Most credit for our menu and the whole concept goes to her. Vaw takes care that our day to day operations keep flowing in the right direction and our dishes taste as the should: excellent! Her cooking specialties are our most spicy dishes, such as the spicy salads.




Warunya "Waru" is currently studying double degree; matriculation and restaurant & catering. Alongside her studies, she works in customer service and as a kitchenhand in our restaurant, growing her skills in many ways at the same time.




Odd-job worker who takes care of the administrative things and tries to keep out of the way in the kitchen. Responsibilities include customer service, sales and marketing, social media and other online visibility.


We also take reservations. You can request a table by filling in the form below, or by calling us at +358 (44) 241 6861 during our opening hours (see page footer).

If your party has more than 8 persons, we kindly ask you to make your request by submitting the form at least 24 hours beforehand. In case of hindrance, uncancelled reservations are subject to a reservation fee of 10€ / every table for 4.

We recommed that any last minute reservation queries are made by calling us.

For private occasions and customized servings, contact us and we’ll make you an offer!

Our location

You'll find us easily. We are located at the heart of Söderkulla, within the S-Market. Our entrance is immediately to the right from the market's entrance that is nearest to the traffic circle. Enter from inside the building, or if weather allows (or requires) the opening of our glass terrace, also from outside.